Walkera Devo 8S

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رادیو 8 کانال همراه با صفحه نمایش لمسی و سیستم تلمتري

پک شامل رادیو رسیور .  باطری لیپو مخصوص رادیو و سنسورهای تلمنتری میباشد 

این محصول به علت به اتمام رسیدن موجودی به صورت سفارشی تحویل میگردد

10,900,000 ریال

1). Encoder: ARM micro computer system
2). Frequency: 2.4Ghz(DSSS)
3). Output power:-5dBm~20dBm
4). Battery: 1.2VX4 NiCard or1.5VX4 AA dry batteries
5). Current Drain: ≤220mADEVO RX801
6). Wigth*Height*Thick:190*180*69* mm
7). Weight:718g(w/o TX battery)

1). 2.8 inch colored touch screen, Icon menu display,fashionable and easy to use.
2). Humanization design.Rubber grips design on the side and back of the Radio provide a sense of comfort.
3). Quad-bearing design.Improved quad-bearing design of the Radio sticks makes the control silky and smoothly.
4). Multi language selectable,At present ,Chinese, English Germany ,French, and Spanish are available .
5). 2 Model Type: Helicopter and Airplane. Improved programming with more mixes and better interface Program MIX ,MIX to Throttle.
6). 7-point throttle curve makes the control exquisitely.
7). twelve-model memory.
8). Online update funcation:Enjoying update the latest program and copy model data freely and easily.

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